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Field Trips

El Franco Lee Park and Pearland Retention Ponds, December 2, 8 am

Led by Larry Dybala

The group will meet at 8 am at the Gazebo in El Franco Lee Park. From the Beltway 8 feeder past Monroe/Pearland Parkway heading toward Beamer, turn right on Hall Road. Turn right at the gate leading into the park. Turn right at the road heading away from the El Franco Lee Community Center (9500 Hall Road). At the end of the road is the parking lot for the Gazebo.

El Franco Lee now has an improved trail that encircles its wetland pond. There are two 2-storey birding towers and a birding blind. We will hike this loop trail focusing on the wetlands to the left and woodlands to the right. After that we will head toward Pearland, stopping at two retention ponds on the way to the retention pond near to the recycle center. For further information or if you get lost, contact Larry at larrydybala@gmail.com or 832-651-3241.

Updated: 11/25/2017